Speakers Presentation
Supattanapong Punmeechaow
CEO, PTT Global Chemical PLC.
Dr. Wijarn Simachaya
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand
Khunying Thongtip Ratanarat
Member of PTIP (Petroleum Institute of Thailand) Foundation Board & Council of Trustees
Authur Huang
Founder & Cheif Executive Officer,Miniwiz, Taiwan
Gerald Naber, Representative from Ellen MacArthur Foundation, U.K.
The New Plastic Economy, Global Commitment, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, U.K.
Lillygol Sedaghat
National Geographic Explorer and Multimedia Storyteller, U.S.A
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jenna Jambeck
University of Georgia
Irene Diez Ruiz
Project Manager, ECOALF, Spain
Stuart Hawkins
ASEAN Public Affairs and Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola ASEAN, Thailand
Patiparn Sukorndhaman
Chief Operating Officer, Downstream Petrochemical Business, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Cristian Lara
CEO & Founder of Reciclapp, Chile
Dr. Tomas Koch
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
Dr. Jihoon Kim
Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Korea
Anupong Muttaraid
Director, Energy and Environment Consulting Group Company Limited (EEG), Thailand
Dr. Somthai Wongcharoen
President, Wongpanit Group, Thailand
Dr. Michael Heyde
Head of Recycling Technology, ALPLA Group, Austria
Patcharapha Ravirujiphan
Assistant Manager, Angtai Co. Ltd., Thailand
Vivekanand Sistla
Regional R&D Director - Personal Care & Site Leader, Unilever, Thailand
Dr. Kriengsak Wongpromrat
President of the Plastics Institute of Thailand, Thailand
Prof. Dr. Pramoch Rangsunvijit
Director, Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology (PETROMAT), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Dr. Rebecca Somers
Partner, McKinsey & Company, Thailand
Ian K.W. Toh
Commercial Director, NatureWorks Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Somsri Phanichrungruang
President, PTT MCC Biochem Co. Ltd., Thailand
Prof. Dr. Suwabun Chirachanchai
Dean of the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Jiraphon Kawswat
President & Chief Executive Officer, PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc. (PTTOR), Thailand
Varinthorn Uvimolchai
General Director, Bio-Eco Co. Ltd., Thailand
Dr. Kittichote Musikabhumma
Division Manager, Corporate Affairs Division Manager, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Jarupatcha Achavasmit
Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Lukas Hoex
Strategic Growth Manager, DSM Niaga, the Netherlands
Tawee Anantarat
Managing Director,
Best Polymer International Co., Ltd.
Schle Woodthanan
Managing Director & Design Director, PASAYA, Textile Gallery Co. Ltd.
Dr. Chaya Chandavasu
Senior Vice President of Science & Innovation, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Assoc. Prof. Singh Intrachooto
Head of Creative Center for Eco-Design, Kasetsart University, Architecture & Cheif Advisor, Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center ( RISC ), Design Principle of Osisu, Thailand
Jirayu Tangsrisuk
Thai Actor
Phra Maha Pranom Dhamma Langkaro
Deputy Abbot, Jak Daeng Temple, Thailand
Sampan Nenrod
Founder, Eiamdee Recycle, Thailand
Pipat Apiruktanakorn (Top)
Sirapan Wattanajinda (Noon)
Founder, KIDKID Co., Ltd., Thailand
Pornpimon Pupat
Design Solution Manager, Sansiri Plc., Thailand
Asst. Prof. Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat
Prominent Marine Ecologist
Sriporn Bhekanandana
Executive Directer, Office of the Governor Tourism Authority of Thailand
Somrasa Pongpermpruek
Vice President, Corporate Communication & Branding, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Kittiphong Limsuwannarot
Vice President, Downstream Market Development, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Pranee Poopair
Vice President, Sustainability Management, PTT Global Chemical Plc., Thailand
Somchai Rungreong
Director, Rayong Provincial Office for Local Administration, Thailand
Sayan Rungruang
Community Representative from Wangwha Subdistrict, Klaeng District, Rayong, Thailand
Prem Pruektayanon
CEO, Green2Get Co., Ltd., Recycling Business Operator and Facebook Page Owner "3 Wheels Uncle"
Worakit Muangthai
Managing Director, Farm D Service Co., Ltd., Thailand
Waste Runner
The waste management competition in Thailand that will be piloted in the Khung Bangkachao community
Waste Runner (Trash)
The waste management competition in Thailand that will be piloted in the Khung Bangkachao community
Waste Runner (ORGAFEED)
The waste management competition in Thailand that will be piloted in the Khung Bangkachao community
Waste Runner (Zero_Journey)
The waste management competition in Thailand that will be piloted in the Khung Bangkachao community
Noppakao Sucharitkul
Executive Vice President, Head of Social Development Group and Corporate Communication, Stock Exchange of Thailand
Dr. Jessada Salathong
Lecturer, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University