GC – the company behind the Symposium
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC, is a petrochemical company that has a mission to create chemistry for better living. Over the past several years, we have integrated the principles of the Circular Economy throughout our company while inspiring Thais to adopt a Circular Living lifestyle. We believe that everybody in Thailand, and around the world, can live a better life and help save the planet’s resources by following the principles of Circular Living.

GC has introduced many public initiatives to encourage Circular Living. For example, our “Upcycling the Oceans Thailand” project transformed waste plastic bottles collected from the seas around the country into a highly-popular line of stylish clothing and lifestyle products.

To put the spotlight on Circular Living, GC is collaborating with National Geographic and other business partners and leading educational institutions on the Circular Living Symposium 2019: Upcycling Our Planet. It’s a great forum to exchange perspectives and gain insights from world-renowned experts and Thai companies and individuals committed to collaboratively shaping a more sustainable world through Circular Living.